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Bill and Gingy Wallace are the roots and wings of Derby City Bop and the only consistent element of DCB’s history.


In the mid 80’s they met a small group of people who shared their love of Jitterbug music. This group danced together for weeks and would later become the founders of DCB.


The group decided to form a club and in 1989 the first dance occurred with Bill and Gingy right in the middle of it.


Years ago Bill and Gingy promised to dance the first dance of the night with each other and then dance with others to make them feel welcome. Bill and Gingy believe the club is still successful today because of the common interest in the music and dance. They also know DCB is only a small part of the American Bop Association where people all over the United States share the love of dance and music.

Gingy & Bill Wallace

September 5, 2007

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