Jim Brown joined Derby City Bop in 1990 and began DJ'ing in 1995. Jim maintains our extensive DJ equipment and music library and has an extensive personal collection of music.

Jim's favorite music styles tends to be Bop or Jitterbug and Blues with a preference for strong medium tempo backbeats but Jim also likes to mix a variety of classic oldies our club was founded on with newer styles including Shag, Beach, and up-tempo West Coast.

Jim is a member of The Association of Beach and Shag Club DJ's and The National Association of Rhytym & Blues DJ's

You may email Jim at J.Brown@DerbyCityBop.com

Mike Hall joined Derby City Bop around 1997 after meeting Jim Brown in his job managing the local Camlot Music store.


Mike is from Virginia and had a love for Beach music as well as Disco and was actually a Disco DJ for some time. Mike has a very extensive collection of music including some classic Disco styles he loves to play at the end of many of our dances.


Mike loves to collect new music and tends to favor a swing sound although he plays all of the major styles we dance to including Blues, Bop, Shag, and West Coast.


Mike is the president of the National Association of Rhythm & Blues DJ's and is a member of The Association of Beach and Shag DJ's.

You may email Mike at M.Hall@DerbyCityBop.com

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