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Jim Brown

September 5, 2015

Since joining Derby City Bop along with his lovely wife, Evelyn, in 1992, Jim has held an office on the Board of Directors or been in charge of various projects. His love of our music, dance and mission have proven unwavering. Jim is currently on the Board of Directors, once again as Information Director, and takes care of all our equipment, DJs for our weekly and monthly dances and also DJs and is in charge of the sound equipment at our annual event "Boogie in the Bluegrass".


As a past Derby City Bop President, Jim paved the way for computerized record keeping, handling most of our membership records and history. Where we owe our founders heartfelt gratitude, Jim has helped make DCBA what it is today.


He is a member of the Association of Beach and Shag Club DJs, The National Association of Rhythm and Blues DJs, has written columns for The Beach Music Reporter and assists in the development of other DJs and their training in DJ programs. All of this while CEO and Owner of his own business, Uland Supply Company, in Louisville. Jim is a Lifetime Member of Derby City Bop.


Jim has DJ'd on many ABA cruises and is the American Bop Association Website editor. He often teaches Website design and maintenance at ABA Convention dances. 

Whatever Jim is called on to do, he jumps in at full speed, and makes a tremendous member of the ABA Hall of Fame. 

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