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Derby City Bop is honored to count many of our long time club members as inductees into the American Bop Association Hall of Fame. The American Bop Association is an organization of like minded dance clubs from around the country with thousands of members in total. Induction into the Hall of Fame recognizes the significant contributions made by the inductees toward the furtherance of Bop Swing and Shag styles of dance and music. Inductees universally played or still play a significant part in maintaining the longevity and viability of clubs preserving our styles of dance and music.

Mike & Linda Edwards
Inducted October 23, 2021

Mike and Linda joined Derby City Bop in 2001.  Mike has been treasurer for DCB and Boogie  in the Bluegrass since 2013. In 2019 he was elected to the board of the American Bop Association and acts as treasurer for that organization.  Mike has helped two other ABA clubs set up financially.  Linda was cruise director for two events on the Belle of Louisville where over 500 dined and danced during Boogie week.  She handles birthday and club shirt nights at the weekly dances. She initiated a shoe donation drive with a local organization, WaterStep, that provides clean water globally.  DCB has donated over 1,000 pairs of shoes over the years.   Mike and Linda were given the President’s award in 2015 for their service.  They hope their service allows others to enjoy the benefits of dance and feel blessed to have made so many great friends from all over the country through dancing.


Beth Stenberg
Inducted November 9, 2019

Beth joined Derby City Bop in January 2005. Within a few months, she was serving on the Board as Secretary until 2009. In 2007 DCB was losing money and only had enough cash flow for 5 years. At the request of the Treasurer, Beth performed an internal audit of the financial records and made many adjusting entries to confirm the financial position of the organization. Beth then made recommendations which led DCB out of the negative cash flow and DCB has flourished ever since.

From 2010 through 2012, Beth served as President. She stepped down in 2013 to Secretary due to her mother’s health and has served as Vice President since 2014. Beth was awarded the DCB President’s award in 2013 for successfully leading DCB. Beth became actively involved in Boogie in the Bluegrass when she joined the Board in 2005, and has served as Chair or Co-Chair of the event since 2010. BIB grew quickly and tweaking and documenting the processes at that time led to an even better BIB. Beth once again accepted the position of president beginning in 2020.


Beth is dedicated to preserving the bop music and dance and strengthening her bop friendships across the nation. She has attended several national dances and her bucket list includes attending all ABA clubs’ national dances. Beth says, “It has been an honor to serve the club since 2005, and the friendships I have made will last a lifetime.”


Jim Brown
Inducted September 5, 2015

Since joining Derby City Bop along with his lovely wife, Evelyn, in 1992, Jim held an office on the Board of Directors or was in charge of various projects. His love of our music, dance and mission have proven unwavering. Jim is a Life Member of Derby City Bop and has been retired to Florida with Evelyn since the beginning of 2020.


As a past Derby City Bop President, Jim paved the way for computerized record keeping, handling most of our membership records and history. Where we owe our founders heartfelt gratitude, Jim has helped make DCBA what it is today.


Mike Hall
Inducted August 31, 2013

Mike has been a DCB member since 1995 and has served as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Activities Director, Boogie in the Bluegrass Event Planner, Bourbon City Boogie Event Planner and DJ.


Mike continues to work tirelessly to make DCB events the best they can be! Mike’s love for the preservation of “our” music does not stop in Louisville, he is currently serving as President of the National Association of R & B DJs, and a member of the Association of Shag & Beach Club DJs. He owns a mobile DJ service and has played for several dance clubs as well as the ABA cruises.


Brenda Meredith
Inducted November 14, 2009

Brenda began dancing when she was 8 years old and still loves it many years later. She has taught both private and group lessons.


In 1989 she and seven other dancers embarked on what she described as "one of the most life altering journeys" she would experience...helping found Derby City Bop.


She was awarded a DCB lifetime membership and serves on the Board of Directors. Since 1989 she has served as historian, newspaper editor, membership chair, secretary, activities chairperson and serves on the Boogie in the Bluegrass committee.


According to Brenda, the ABA affiliates have afforded her the opportunities to make many friends, to be introduced to wonderful music, and to dance with some of the best dancers in the nation.


Herky Meredith
Inducted August 30, 2008

Herky Meredith is said to be "all about dancing".


In the early 1980’s there were few places to dance in Louisville. Herky, who had been involved in dance since and early age, of met with a small group of friends to dance. Eventually this group found a nice little place called Studebaker’s. Herky, with a little help from his dance friends, helped found the Derby City Bop. Herky taught dance to many people who found this little dance club which would eventually grow to be one of the largest Bop style dance clubs in the country.


After a severe accident, in which he was unable to dance for four years, Herky finally made it back to the dance floor. He has served as a Vice President of Derby City bop and often traveled around the South spreading his love of dancing.


Derby City Bop awarded Herky a lifetime membership in 2005.


Bill & Gingy Wallace
Inducted September 5, 2007

Bill and Gingy Wallace are the roots and wings of Derby City Bop and the only consistent element of DCB’s history.


In the mid 80’s they met a small group of people who shared their love of Jitterbug music. This group danced together for weeks and would later become the founders of DCB.


The group decided to form a club and in 1989 the first dance occurred with Bill and Gingy right in the middle of it.


Years ago Bill and Gingy promised to dance the first dance of the night with each other and then dance with others to make them feel welcome. Bill and Gingy believe the club is still successful today because of the common interest in the music and dance. They also know DCB is only a small part of the American Bop Association where people all over the United States share the love of dance and music.


Cal Shaw (Deceased)
Inducted September 1, 2001

Cal Shaw is an original member and a past President of the Derby City Bop. Cal was active in the Derby City Bop for many years. Cal later he moved to Clearwater FL and became a member of the Tampa Bay Beach Boppers.


Cal served as President of a previous dance organization for 2 years and saw it through some very difficult times which culminated in its dissolution and the formation of the American Bop Association in 1996.


Cal served as President of the ABA for many years.


Cal’s leadership has helped the ABA grow to its present strength and built a base for future expansion. At his urging in 2000, the ABA began a program of making annual donations to worthy charities.

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