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Derby City Bop Mission Statement

Derby City Boogie Dancers Inc. (DCB) also referred to as Derby City Bop, is a 502 (c) (4) non-profit organization. DCB promotes the social welfare of the community at large by preserving Bop, Shag, and Swing style dances and preserves Beach, Bop, Shag and Rhythm and Blues style music commonly played for these dance styles and by regularly providing dance lessons, practice venues, musical and dance events, and community outreach programs where we bring our style of dance and music to community places such as Senior Residences. 


Membership shall be limited to those who have reached legal drinking age in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Derby City Boogie Dancers Inc cannot and will not be responsible for member actions or injuries at any of our functions.

Membership allows free or discounted entry into most DCB events. Membership in DCB is for a period of one year expiring at the end of your anniversary month each year.


Well, that’s the official definition of what Derby City Bop is, but it’s more than that. Derby City Bop is a collection of people spanning all age groups, who come together to enjoy one another’s company. It’s people helping to preserve a great American dance style collectively known as “Swing” but actually encompassing dozens of different dance styles and hundreds of variations.

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